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Sandcastle Guam

I just wanted to let you know that working with your installer was very successful. He did a great job with our crew and the guys really appreciated his knowledge and experience. Thank you and please pass on our thanks to him when he returns home.

Director of Entertainment


Auerbach Pollock Friedlander

Pursuant to our conversation last week and your email yesterday, I’m happy to ‘commit to writing’ comments that we exchanged verbally regarding the status of Olympus HS and Stagecraft Industries’ work in general.

Without elaborating at length, let’s just say that we have come to expect a consistently high level of work out of Stagecraft Industries and I believe that this has grown out of a long, purposeful and productive relationship between APF and Stagecraft. I’ve experienced a most responsive and thorough approach to rigging and associated areas bid by your firm. We’ve come to expect clean, well-installed and thoroughly checked work prior to our arrival on site. This has been the case on all of the projects I’ve done with your group. It’s always nice coming to a site and seeing NO SURPRISES!

For over 25 years at APF, We’ve developed a most cordial and supportive relationship with Stagecraft, regardless of the complexity of the work. Your superintendents are excellent. Your thorough coordination and dialog with our office sets a standard for our projects – especially the ‘bread and butter ones’ without significant custom work – that has come to be expected and most appreciated.

Your ongoing attention and service is appreciated and not forgotten. You guys ‘get it’. And for that, our hats are off to you.

Thanks, as usual. Even if we don’t say it as directly and explicitly as I’ve written here!

Steve Pollock, ASTC
Vice President / Design Principal


Michael Garrison Associates

Thanks to you and all your associates for working so hard to help this project to be done with excellence and on time!

Michael Garrison
Fresno, CA


GMR Theatre

Just wanted to thank you for working with us to get this project completed in a timely manner and for the communication on delivery and installation status. So many times we can’t get any information from a vendor which leaves all of us flying blind. I appreciate you efforts to keep me informed.

We will be in touch sometime next year as they put together budgets and we enter our request to re-fabric the balance of the stage area.

Regards and Merry Christmas,



Your customer service is what sealed the deal for us.

J. Cookman


Phoenix College

Hi Gary, the installation and your crew were first class as has been the case with your level of customer service. This has been a challenging project for all of us, but your flexibility and end result quality has impressed us all. Take care and I look forward to working with your firm in the future.

D. McCarthy


Norcon Industries, Inc.

Thanks guys. I always appreciate the time and effort and cooperative spirit your team has.

SKevin Stockmar